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Hidden Audio Video Recorder in Spy Eye Glass

Hidden Audio Video Recorder in Spy Eye Glass

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Hidden Secret Spy Audio Video Camera Recorder in Specticles Eye Wear Goggles Lowest Price

Key Feautres

  • Clarity : 1920*1080P
  • Frame rate : 30fps
  • The Angle : 90°
  • Battery capacity : 800mAh
  • Video time : 2hours or so
  • Sound area : 40 m'
  • Memory card : TF card
  • The biggest support : 32GB
  • Memory loss : 8GB/hours
  • Charging time : 1-2hours

Hidden Secret Spy Audio Video Camera Recorder in Specticles Eye Wear Goggles Lowest Price Buy Online Store

Functional features

  • The world's first nonporous high-definition digital camera lenses
  • colors, image lifelike, the effect is natural pure.
  • design and flexible and varied for different face shapes need different taste.
  • cool fashion design trends.
  • perfect fusion many fashion concept and popular elements, but also a trendsetter designed door edition of set limit to to meet the demand of personality traits.
  • 5 million pixels CMOS camera.
  • free insert memory card, the largest support 32 gb.
  •  can be connected to computer via USB, directly without any driver
  • user friendly operation button, one-click video recording, photo, store all finish.
  • real-time camera, record the dribs and drabs of life
  • is fashionistas, jouralists, traffic police, hunters, field training, mountain climbing, biological zoologist, students, travelers indispensable essentials

Basic operation

  • Please make sure to have before any operation on memory CARDS

A. the time Settings

  • Connect the machine to the computer into the U disk mode
  • In the root directory to create a new text file named "TIME TXT*
  • Open the text file, according to the following format input time: 2011.12.01
  • 10:10:10 (from year to year. Year after year month Days: component: seconds seconds

B. boot

In shutdown state, according to the function the power button long long yellow lights on, machine directly into standby mode after 3 seconds, 10 seconds (if not into other functional automatic shutdown)

C. to turn it off

On under 10 seconds into the pictures, video recording automatically shut down; Photo finish, 10 seconds Do not use the automatic shutdown; After the video saved automatically power off.

D. video :

In standby mode, long press the function key 3 seconds, yellow lights flashing under 3 after quench, start video, the video, click the function keys, blue lights flashing under 3 quench, at the same time to save a * AVI format video files, and save the video after the automatic shutdown.

E. take photos

In standby mode, click the function keys to take pictures, instructions yellow once again bright lights went out, and save a *. JPG format image files. If (10 seconds No longer take pictures, the machine automatic shutdown)

F low electric automatic shutdown

If detected when using battery power is low, the double lamp exchange flash 3 times after shutdown, will save the current video file before shutdown.

The computer connection

A) the minimum requirements for the system

  • 1 the CPU must be at least above of 500 MHZ. Operating system: 2 Win2000 / XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • usb ports
  • a cd-rom/DVD Rom
  • at least 1 gb of disk space
  • 6. at least 512 MB of memory

B) connect the computer to read disk

1. The U disk mode

A. shutdown state, the machine at one end connected to the USB line, and then the other end inserted into the computer USB port.

B. the computer will automatically recognize the new disk drive and install need.

C. after the driver installation, will automatically pop up a window, there is a "VIDEO" folder, open the folder, inside has a subfolder 100 VIDEO, this is for VIDEO, photo data folder.

D. save completed, you can click on the USB device, safely delete exit.

The power charging

1. If did not start the machine when the phone is switched on, normally the battery is in a state without electricity, this time need for charging battery. In order to ensure to achieve the best use state and longer battery life, three new batteries before we strongly suggest to charge at least 4-5 hours, but bear in mind that should not be more than 24 hours.

2. You can use the random distribution of the USB cable to the machune by computer, you can also use the attached power plug in the USB charging directly, usually a time of need about 3 hours.

3. The long blue LED lights on when charging, when filled with yellow LED lights long, yellow lights up need to continue to charge one and a half hours to fully filled with electricity.

4. Such as long time did not use the machine before use, please recharge.

Product parameters

  • Pixel : 5.0 Mega CMOS
  • Clarity : 1920*1080P
  • Format : AVI
  • Frame rate : 30fps
  • The Angle : 90°
  • Low illumination : ILUX
  • Battery capacity : 800mAh
  • Video time : 2hours or so
  • Sound area : 40 m'
  • Power consumption : 250MA/3.7V
  • The temperature : -20-80 °C
  • Operating temperature : -10-60°C
  • humidity : 15-85%RH
  • Memory card : TF card
  • The biggest support : 32GB
  • Player : Supports AVI format
  • USB interface : USB1.1/2.0
  • The operating system : XP/Visat32/Win?
  • Memory loss : 8GB/hours
  • Charging time : 1-2hours

Storage instructions

  • The machine with TF card slot extrapolation TF card, can choose according to the customer.
  • When the memory is full, the double exchange lights flash, flash for 5 seconds automatically power off.
  • The memory card is full and 70 m record, is normal, can only take photos cannot be recorded.
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