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Wearable Mini Audio Video Camera

Wearable Mini Audio Video Camera

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Wearable Mini Audio Video Camera Recorder Lowest Price

Key Features

  • USB Interface : USB 2.0 High Speed
  • TF Card : 4GB - 32GB (up to 32GB)
  • Battery Capacity : 3.7V/600 mAH Lithium battery
  • Audio Format : WAV 512Kbps
  • 8GB TF Card : Audio 36 hours
  • Storage Time : Video 70minutes (dynamic screen situation)
  • Playback Software : Real Player. KM Player
  • Resolution : 1920*1080P 1280*720P 640*480P
  • Feature : audio / video / driving records
  • auxiliary functions : Magnets, auxiliary lamp, clip

Wearable Mini Audio Video Capture Camera Recorder Buy Online Store

User Manual Please read this manual before you use the recorder.

Digital Video voice recorder

Respected user : Thank you for choosing voice recorder of our company! Please read this manual carefully before using this product in order to make it easy to operate the product as quickly as possible. If you encounter any problem in the process of using, please contact with the local dealer in time. Thank you for your support and cooperation!

  • The information in this manual is subject to change without notice.
  • The information in this manual is copyrighted. Without the prior written consent of the Company, any part of it is not allowed to be copied or compiled in anyway.
  • The Company reserves the right of final interpretation of this manual and its related materials. [NOTE) The purchase of products to prevail in kind. The changes of product data and appearance are no longer notice.
  • Please insert the TF card before using the unit. (NOTE) We recommend that you use high-quality memory card to ensure the image coherent clear because of the uneven TF card in the market. Thank you for your cooperation!

Digital Video voice recorder

  • Turn on / off, turn on / off the LED indicator
  • Camera key
  • Video button: a key to video record and save it
  • Recording button: a key to audio record and save it
  • TF card slot: up to 32GB
  • LED indicator light
  • Resetting button: forced shutdown and restart (When it appears crash, please press this button)
  • Lanyard hole
  • Camera
  • LED indicator light
  • USBjack
  • Back splint

Indicator Description :

  • Standby: blue is always on.
  • Audio recording; blue flashing
  • Video: green light flashing
  • Power on: The blue light gives a long green light
  • Power off: The lamp 6. Charging: The red light is long (full of lights out)
  • Low power: Blue lights, green flashes alternately, three automatic shutdown

Digital Video Voice recorder : 

Power on/off: (Please insert the TF card before using this machine. Otherwise, it cannot be operated.)

  • In the off state, turning on the power switch and holding down
  • 3 seconds, the machine will be on automatically
  • 2 In the on state, turning on the power switch and holding down
  • 3 seconds, the machine will be off automatically.
  • 3 In standby mode for 1 minute will be off automatically.
  • Audio record/save the audio


  • In standby mode (blue light is long), click "recording key" in " recording" position, at this time the machine enters the recording state, when recording, the indicator light is the blue light flashing condition.
  • Save the current recording file by placing the recording key in the save.
  • The recording file is automatically saved as a file for 30 minutes to avoid

Digital voice recorder

the file being too large to be lost Video / save videos /take a picture!

  • In the on state, turn the "video recording button" "video recording " position. Then the machine is into the video recording state and the video recording light flashes with green.
  • The video recorded file is saved automatically for 10 minutes as a file, to avoid that the file is so large that lost.
  • Turn "video recording button" ." to saved state, so as to save the current video recording file.

Digital voice recorder

  • In video mode, press the camera button briefly, and the blue light flashes once, and the photos are automatically saved to the "VIDEO" root directory Note: the camera key has the function in the video recording state, and the other states
  • Charge and video record simultaneously
  • After the machine is switched on, plug into the charger connection line, and then click the "video' "button in the "video" position, when the machine enters charging and recording.
  • After the machine is switched on, pluginto the chargerconnection line, and then click "record" button in the "recording" position, when the machine enters charging and recording status

One key turn on / off indicator / auxiliary light

  • In the recording or recording state, when the indicator light is on, push the power up, turn on the key, turn off the indicator light.
  • In the recording or recording state, when the indicator lights go out, push the power button up, turn on the

Digital voice recorder : 

key, turn on the indicator light and blink. 3) In video recording, push the power button to the auxiliary light position, turn on the auxiliary light, switch the power on, turn the key to the middle position, and turn off the auxiliary light. Warm prompt: if not need, please turn off the auxiliary lamp, saves the electricity. Synchronize system time

  • The TF card into the machine after the boot, and then connected to the computer, inside the machine will automatically generate three file "time.txt", "VIDEO", Audio
  •  Choose' "time.txt" to open, there will be a date and time, date and time into their own needs, format (date when this) then save, unplug and then boot video or audio recording, display the current date and time


  • Mobile detection settings: motion:0, modify 0 or 1, 0 means closing motion detection, 1 indicates open
  • motion detection, and default is to turn off motion detection.
  • After the modification settings have been completed. you must boot once, read the text information once, and avoid a long time without the machine, and restore the
  • machine default time.
  • "VIDEO" saves folders for video and photo file.
  • "AUDIO" saves the folder for the recording file.
  • Resolution is small, with a memory card can berecorded for a long time.
  • A synchronous time watermark in a video can be chosen independently for display.
  • The video cycle function allows you to choose whetherto open or not.


  • Video motion detection: video process if not detected moving objects with light changes, the machine in order to save storage space in 1 minutes will stop recording (blue light), when the objects move or change the light will automatically continue recording (lights).
  • If the battery does not recharge the battery for long periods of time, the system will recover. Please reconnect the computer to synchronize the system time!

PC Camera (webcam)

  • Connect the machine to the computer and eject the "removable disk" logo, then light the power source up and down, then the "removable disk" automatically exits.
  • You can open the video dialogue software (such as: PC Camera., Tencent QQ) when you can.

Connect the computer

  • Plug one end of the USB line into the native USB port, and the other end into the USB port of the computer. After a few seconds, the computer will recognize and eject the removable disk logo.
  • Connected to the computer, the red light, and can carry out

data transmission.


  • Please use the normal method to remove the removable disk to prevent data loss.
  • If the computer does not recognize it, or if the Removable Disk logo is not displayed after a few seconds, please reset and unplug it again.
  • It is recommended to use the card reader to read the video content in the TF card. The transmission may not keep up because the amount of data is too large, which leads to playback is not smooth.


  • One end of the USB line is inserted into the USB port of the machine, and the other end is plugged into the USB port of the computer or charger. The charging time is usually about 4 hours. When the charging is on, the indicator light is red and the lamp is full.
  • When the machine is recording / recording the status of the charger, the machine can charge and record / record it at the same time.

Digital voice recorder

Technical specifications

  • Dimension : 3.86 X 1.02 X 0.47 Inches
  • USB Interface : USB 2.0 High Speed
  • TF Card : 4GB - 32GB (up to 32GB)
  • Battery Capacity : 3.7V/600 mAH Lithium battery
  • Audio Format : WAV 512Kbps
  • Video Format : AVI 1920*1080P 1280*720P 640*480P
  • Video coding : MJPG
  • Image Ratio : 4:3
  • 8GB TF Card : Audio 36 hours
  • Storage Time : Video 70minutes(dynamic screen situation)
  • Operating Temperature Range : -5. - 40°C
  • Frames number : 30 frames
  • Playback Software : Real Player. KM Player
  • Resolution : 1920*1080P 1280*720P 640*480P
  • Feature : audio / video / driving records
  • auxiliary functions : Magnets, auxiliary lamp, clip
  • Weight : function
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Notifications:

Please be sure to back up your data in the course of using. The Company assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal data caused by incorrect operation of the software or hardware, maintenance of the product, replacement of batteries or other unforeseen circumstances, nor for any other consequential damages arising therefrom. At the same time, we cannot control the user that may cause misunderstanding to this manual. Therefore, the Company will not be responsible for unexpected damage that may occur during the use of this manual and shall not be liable for third party claims arising from the use of the product. (The local system software will account for part of the capacity of space. There is a little difference between the nominal capacity and the actual capacity, which is a normal phenomenon.) This product is only used for learning and training. Please abide by the relevant state laws strictly. Do not do any illegal acts. The Company does not make any commitment to the consequences of illegal and responsible.


  • If the unit is not used for a long time, please
  • charge/discharge it at least once every 3 months.
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